Is the cost of your purchase realistic? ---084

Some of our customers ask us “Why don’t you have a Holiday sales event?” 

The answer is simple, our prices are discounted year-round, so there is no need for promotions. I believe that there’s a period where sales will fall off tremendously if the promotion is not tracked carefully. For example, after a sale is over for the item you want, don’t you feel hesitant on buying it for the full undiscounted price? 

A month ago during Black Friday, I was shopping for a new phone because the one  I have is so slow and crashes constantly. The phone I was looking at was $200 off! What a great deal. However, I couldn’t make up my mind and the sale had soon ended. The price went back up to the original price and there was no way I’m buying it at the full price. See what sales does to the customer? It discourages them from buying more.

If you think about it, sales are basically a price manipulation tactic. Are you really paying for the intrinsic value of the item when there is no sale? Of course not.. Why pay extra when you could just wait for sales? Patience always comes out ahead. We foresaw this outcome a while ago and decided that sales would slow down long term growth. As a result, we price our items fairly and competitively. The price you see is the best price you can get. All year long.


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