I think being productive is always a good mindset. My friend told me that spending my vacation on work is not the point of a vacation but I disagree. I plan to keep working while I’m on vacation because I’m a hard worker. Sometimes I don’t think the company will survive without me so I will pretend to have a vacation but secretly work behind the scenes to make sure everything is operating smoothly. 

Vacation is not just about resting, it should be the time to think about your career and growth. Sure, taking a break can relieve some of the mental stress you have, but a temporary break is a set back. Vacations are also the best time to look for a new job to further your career, since you don’t have to take time off to go to interviews, and you will have more time to prepare since you are not constantly working all day.

How do you guys plan your vacation when all the flights are canceled? Since oversea flights are still banned, what is the best way to spend your vacation? Is staying at home and doing nothing the best recreational activity available at this time?  What do you guys plan to do once your state reopens?


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