Innovation Comes From Experience ---067

Have you ever been to the movie theaters and there were no seats available? I had this happen to me before. I can’t believe they managed to sell more tickets after the tickets were sold out. Well, despite that, we still watched the movie standing up. It was not so great for our legs and back. Sitting on the floor can be tough too. I wonder if there are pants that can transform into chairs, letting you sit anywhere you want? These are the type of situations we run into that lets us find which products we can sell to our customers. The importance of selling is to think through the customer’s mind. BE the customer. That’s what makes a successful business. For example, when I was on a fishing trip at Lake Chabot in Oakland, I was trying to multitask from holding the rod to getting the cookware ready. Why do I have cookware you ask? Well it is better to cook the fish when it’s fresh out of the water. That way, it won’t be decaying in the cooler and it will taste better. As I was doing that, I was having trouble holding the rod while doing other things at once. I thought, “I wish I had a fishing rod holder for this big heavy stick.”

 After the trip, I began to wonder if other people had this problem. That’s when it all started. We decided to sell fishing rod holders and it blew up! Turns out that convenience sells the best and from there on, we found blessings in the inconveniences we experienced. With every experience, you can learn something new to create a more positive experience. Here at Linkstyle, we are very understanding of our customers, thus, the products we sell are designed with a purpose: to make your life a little better. 

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