Home Safety Tips For Kids ---001

Let’s discuss the traditional way of avoiding potentially dangerous situations.

Children are considered the most precious for parents. They are loved by their parents with all their heart. However, when children begin to learn to walk, they begin to feel curious about the world. In general, the cabinets and drawers in the household hold the most hazardous items for children.      

Traditional vs. Modern

I believe this is a topic that many parents will notice in general. For the safety of their children, we already know that we need to install a security lock on kitchen cabinet doors or use tape to seal it, which makes it more troublesome to get out items of the cabinet. However, The child's intelligence develops quickly and well.

A few years ago, my nephew was just a year and a half old. When he started walking, he likes to walk around everywhere at home. Every time he passed the locker, he was curious about the Cord Cabinet Lock and he tried to grope about it. I remember I told him that you couldn't open it. Although he might not understand it, he might be irritated by body language or facial expressions. Unfortunately, he spent three days knowing how to open it.

I may understand that he knows how to open not only because of my sarcasm. Furthermore, the design of the lock is too abrupt, it naturally triggers children's curiosity.

       Safer, Better, and Smarter

 Magnetic Cabinet Lock is a product that I think is a very clever design. Easy installation with no other tools needed. It is placed inside the kitchen cabinet door, so there is no need to worry that the child will be curious and will not damage the original beauty of the cabinet. When we take items from the cabinet, all that is needed is to use the Magnetic key to open it immediately, which is more convenient than other conventionally designed security locks.

Unfortunately, my nephew is already five years old and has no chance to use this security lock and then ask if he can open the cabinet. Maybe he would get mad when he couldn't open it, but I believe it would be better than being closed on his fingers.

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