Waiting In Line ---003

How long are you willing to wait to be seated at a restaurant? 

In the real world, scheduling time to hang out with friends is becoming more difficult. After we got the time that works for everyone the next problem is: Where to eat? At times, I usually give my input on a place to go. Sometimes I think it is a challenge to recommend a restaurant that everyone will like.

With the change of our living habits and conditions, the chance of getting together gradually decreases. It's just harder and precious for friends to sit together and eat. Therefore, the purpose of restaurants is not just to providing food, it also should have a great atmosphere that unites friendships. 

Last weekend, my friends and I met in Santa Clara. We almost waited for about 45 minutes to 1 hour every time. At the time, I was thinking: “When consumers are willing to line up, does it mean that time does not matter on their behalf? This is not necessarily. Sometimes queuing is unavoidable such as meeting a doctor, annoying take finding a parking space as an example, and others are voluntary like free samples at the supermarket.”



On the other hand, if it passes or even surpasses their expectations, customers will feel a deep connection with the restaurant, every time I recommend my friends this restaurant, knowing it may take time to line up, I believe it is worthwhile. 

For the restaurant, queuing customers is a challenge: the longer the line, the more irritated the customer. Even if the guests are willing to wait, their expectations for food and services are also higher, it is easy to not meet their standard and leading to a bad customer experience.

This kind of experience is also pursued by Linkstyle. We want to create the unforgettable customer experience, building the trust in our brand, and increase overall quality from making essential products to customer satisfaction. We understand that customers do not just buy products, but use the product to complete everyday task. Making every customer's consumption resonate, even if there are complaints, it gives us opportunity to make progress. Every time a customer finishes a task through a product, it deepens the trust to come back for more with Linkstyle.

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