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Growing up, I never really had the most current technology around. My family and I grew up poor so we basically just used what we had and never really upgraded to anything new so by the time that I went to college, I was still using the old flip phone that was made in 2008. So, when I began taking on a part time job during college and making some money, I had some money that I can use to buy things that I never had before. As I was looking through Ebay on what to buy, which at the time had better discounts than compared to other websites. As I was scrolling through, I noticed that there was a car accessory that was on sale. I clicked on it, and it turned out to be a sort of Heads-Up Display or HUD for your car. It would show all the important information for your car on the windshield, thereby not needing you to constantly look down at your dashboard to check your speed and etc. And me, being a college student with an old 2010 Toyota Camry, thought that this was a good little thing for me and bought it.  It took a little over a week before the HUD arrived. It came in a small box and when I opened it the HUD was there with an instruction manual, a OBD cord, a reflective film, and a non slip mat.   


Not wanting to somehow screw this up, I recruited my roommate to help me install the HUD on my car. We went to my car and then opened up the instruction manual and looked at what to do. We were both kind of surprised to see that it wasn’t that difficult to install the HUD onto the car. All we had to do was just take the OBD cable and then plug it in into the car’s OBD socket, which for my car was under the steering wheel. Once that was done, my friend and I then tried to find a way to stick the wire onto the car so that it would not move a lot when I was driving. So, we took some sealing tape and pretty much taped it along the side of the car so that it would not affect my driving. Next, we needed to find a place where we could place this on. We looked around my car and really the only good place to put it would be in front of the steering wheel. That spot also would be good since I will be driving my car most of the time, with my friend occasionally driving if I ever drink a little too much, then the info would be in front of us. So we attached the non-slip mat onto the dashboard and made sure that it would stick so we shook it a few times. Once we can confirm that the HUD was secured and that it would not become loose, we then plugged the cord into the HUD. We then started my car and then turned on the HUD. The numbers and info that appeared on the windshield were a lot better than what I anticipated. I had initially thought that this was going to be some bad quality display but in reality it was pretty clear, even during the daytime when my roommate and I installed it. We went through the different modes to make sure they are working and it looked like that it did. After we made sure that the modes were working, we decided to really test this HUD. We got into my car and went on a test drive to see if it really tracked your speed and mileage. As we drove around, I was amazed that it did keep track of my car’s speed as well as the car’s mileage. After about 30 minutes of driving around, we concluded that the item worked and headed back. It has now been five years and I still am using the HUd to this day.


I would never imagine that I would be working for the company that I would buy the HUD from. Now, here at Linkstyle, we continue to sell the HUD but also we have made strides in upgrading and updating the HUD with current technology. As time passes, we take the experience from learning about our HUD and then we relay it to the manufacturer so that they can update the design and make it modern and update the system to operate a lot better than before. As time moves forward, we will continuously update our technology as well as use the newest technology on our products so that they will always be current with the times.

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