Have You Given Up Yet? ---085


New Year’s resolutions are a year-long goal. Most people have desires of becoming more physically fit and active. I frequent the gym regularly and most of the people I see every day are the same people due to similar schedules. However, once the new year passed, the gym was fuller than usual and there were many new faces. It’s great to see something new once in a while. 

It’s common for most members to quit after the first week due to delayed onset muscle syndrome. This is the pain and soreness you feel after you exercise, especially if you haven’t exercised before in your life. It’s understandable though because when you experience this pain, you can barely walk or sleep correctly.

Your motivation is strongest when you are setting the goal but if you don’t focus on your goal then the idea of reaching your goal won’t be focused which means you cannot reach ur goal, always focus on your goal, no matter how much physical and mental pain you have to endure, because you set the goal for a reason and that reason is to be a better person. 

At Linkstyle, we plan to keep our goals of maintaining great customer service


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