Keeping a strong mentality is important for the fourth quarter. During this quarter, the volume of orders increases tremendously and sometimes it can get overwhelming. However, this does not stop us. Our mentality to endure this rigorous trial is to go the extra mile. No matter how brutal and gruesome it is to walk around with bloody shoes and ripped skin, we will do our best to make sure the thousands of orders we receive will be fulfilled. Even if it takes 16 hours to complete the day’s worth of orders, we will do it. Having a “GO the extra mile” mindset pushes humans to the extreme. Death is scary, but nothing is more scary than a customer losing a package or not receiving their item in time. 

Let me tell you guys the truth, the work culture of e-commerce is strict and tedious. Everything from receiving the order to packing to shipping, there can’t be one mistake. Due to the complexity of our product catalog, it’s hard to automate the work, and technology is not fully developed yet to hire a full crew of robots that can perfect every order with perfect intelligence. But don’t underestimate human labor.

At Linkstyle, it’s all about working hard and going the extra mile. Working hard is enough to succeed, but working harder is what makes the difference between a good company and a great company. GO THE EXTRA MILE!!

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