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Using the search bar can be a great skill to have. When you’re trying to find an item, using the correct keywords can help you find your items faster. Very frequently, we get inquiries from customers who can’t find an item in our store due to them incorrectly trying to describe the item. For example, you should avoid using words that are descriptive of the product, such as color or size.

If you search for “long led light strips” or “4”x4”x4” alarm clock” it will only hurt your search. It is better to be direct and simple as possible. Afterwards, you can use filters to narrow down your search results. If you try to narrow your results during the search engine process, it is more likely that you will have less results to work with. For us, it is important to know the items in our inventory so that we can reference it quickly to any customer that asks about it. It is harder to assist a customer if we do not have the necessary knowledge for the items we have.

At Linkstyle, we optimized our listings so that you can find your item faster. We composed our titles with keywords that will match closely to what you are searching for. Don’t be afraid to type what you need!

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