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A few days ago, as I was shopping for groceries at Walmart,  I was surprised by the fact that employees spend increasingly more attention on the elderly. As I was packing the groceries into my car, I took a close look at an employee helping an old elderly woman load groceries into her car. What was so special about this event? Employees tend to be very busy and usually can’t get through every customer complaint, however, when it comes to customer service, it seems like businesses are more inclined to spend time on helping individuals finish the job, no matter the time and effort it takes. The employee could be attending to other more “important” duties, subjectively speaking, but chooses to spend their time working on very minor customer troubles. I believe that with this attitude in mind, businesses can have the potential to put a positive image of themselves for the public. A welcoming and approachable store provides customers with feelings of ease.

Over the years, many convenience stores are increasing their support towards the disabled and seniors. These services are designed to fulfill the customers needs with little effort. Recently, stores are beginning to house carts specifically designed for the disabled. These electronic mobile shopping carts are perfectly suited for people who have trouble walking around a large lot.

As we near our 30s, we notice that our grandparents are having more trouble with their meeting their daily needs such as restocking food. They tend to have an increasing reliance on others as time goes on. With this in mind, more stores are starting to recognize the issue at hand. The addition of handicap parking spots and mobile shopping carts have proven to be a great addition to helping elders meet their individual needs. Businesses are setting the standards higher and higher each year. But what is the purpose for putting all this effort and time into customer satisfaction? This leads to the next question.

What satisfaction can one get from helping a stranger? That is one of life’s greatest mystery. Yet employees feel a sense of euphoria, despite not even having a connection with a stranger. I believe that one of the secrets to happiness is helping others. In the future, we may expect automated robots to replace store workers, however, it is not guaranteed that they will provide the same customer satisfaction as a human. That is what is important to us- a human to human connection. We are able to see things from a different perspective, which allows us to better serve our customers. Here at LinkStyle, we try to understand each customer’s issue one by one and will spend the time and effort needed to satisfy the needs of the customer. Every customer’s problem is unique and should be treated with delicacy. We try our best to provide the same customer experience for everyone, no matter the age or situation! So next time you see an elder person in need, you may think twice about helping them! A little help can make someone’s day and even lead you to a new place of happiness!

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