Expanding your Business ---148

For all small businesses, expansion is critical. It shows that we are growing as a company and that we are ready to reach new heights. It means that we are doing the right thing and we are expanding from our humble beginnings. It also allows us to begin to think about the next steps and direction that we want our company to go down. Now that there are more people who are looking at us, the expectations also get higher and this is where the challenging part comes in. As we expand, we get the benefits of this expansion with our ability to explore new markets to reach new customers, have the ability to put more money back into the business, and be able to increase our resources and stock. However, where there are benefits, there are also risks and challenges. One of these could be that as you expand, you will also need to expand your business and that could affect the quality of your orders, which in turn could make you lose customers and business. Another challenge that can arise is that it could put a heavy load on your workforce. This can be easily handled but can also be bad if handled incorrectly.  As you expand your business, this also means that you will have to put more work on your workers as the demand will increase. This of course could lead many of them to feel more burdened with the work and as a result could lead to a drop in morale and could lead some to leave, thus pushing more work on the workers who are still working at the company. 

As your company expands, there will always be the good and the bad that comes with an expanding business. However, that should not dissuade you from having your business grow. Even though there are some bad that comes from expanding your business, these can easily be remedied and fixed. For the new locations, you could have those you trust to be in charge of the new locations so that they now have the experience and knowledge on how the business operates and can help facilitate the new location until everything is up and running. For employee morale, you can have small events or treat them to small things like snacks or drinks every so often so that their morale can get the boost that they need so that they can continue on working and help grow the company. So, your business expanding is something that should be celebrated and that to always be aware of when to grow as this will help you decide if your company is ready to expand or not. 

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