Eliminate Plastic Waste ---015

Although I've heard many times over the years that there are many plastic bags floating on the ocean and tons of waste dumped in oceans,still feel powerless to deal with the issue, even just thought it would go away with doing nothing, but how could it? this issue is no laughing matter.

How can we solve the environmental pollution issue? 
The fast-food giant McDonald's is switching to paper straws at all its locations and serves the drink without a straw, customers will have to ask for a straw to get one. Also, coffee giant Starbucks is starting to phase out plastic straws with "adult sippy cup" lids. The lid features a raised lip and will be fully recyclable. I believe those companies have taken steps to address a host of environmental issues and tried to run an environmentally friendly business that will help to build a positive corporate image.

If we all stop our habit of wasting and start to doing things to eliminate even a little bit of waste, such as bring a reusable cup or tumbler for the daily coffee, use reusable grocery shopping bags and stop using plastic drinking straws, then we will reduce the impact on the environment, preserves natural resources and no longer have a need to dumping plastic into the ocean.

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