Better left Unread than Dead ---008

It's not just a safety issue for yourself but for everyone around you. 

Have you ever sent a text message to someone or play Pokémon GO while driving? I believe that it is definitely easy for people to roll their eyes at you because not only does it not care for their own lives, but it also puts other people at risk.

In fact, there are many accidents caused by the use of mobile phones, such as the accidents caused by scrolling through Facebook, sending messages, and talking on the phone, until the government has to step out of legislation to prohibit the dangerous behavior of using mobile phones when driving. Since the establishment of the laws and regulations, it has become a violation to take mobile phones when driving, and most drivers have changed such dangerous behaviors. If they want to talk when they are driving, they can use hands-free devices such as the speaker or car Bluetooth as alternatives.

In general, the use of hand-held devices to talk on the phone while driving has the following causes of the danger:

  • Visual obstruction
  • Audio distortion
  • Manual distraction

However, once the function of the hands-free device is provided, the driver does not need to move his eyes away from the road, and he does not need to hold a hand to hold the mobile phone. This solves the problem of “visual disturbances and Manual distraction.” Audio distortion is very similar to some drivers playing very loud music which can overpower the sounds of a firetruck or someone honking their horn.

On the other hand, human attention capacity is limited, because driving requires a certain degree of attention, if you drive while also talking about the phone, focusing more on the content of the conversation, then there will be another factor that causes danger, that is, cognitive distraction, excessive amounts of brain work can only be “selectively processed.” When attention is mainly focused on the phone call rather than driving, it is possible to ignore upcoming traffic signs or pedestrians at the line of sight. This situation of “seeing but not seeing” means “Inattentional Blindness”.

Although driving with the use of a phone with a hands-free device while driving is not disturbed visually, it will miss nearly 50% of the driver’s surroundings. If the situation of inattentional blindness occurs while the driving, getting a ticket is a trivial matter in comparison to if you accidentally crash and hit someone, you will have irreparable consequences.

To sum up, take responsibility for everyone's safety, don't talk on the phone when focusing is the first condition of safety and should only be done in emergencies! We recommend that you enjoy music in a moderate volume through the hands-free device or Bluetooth device while driving. If you really have to contact, find a roadside area to pull over, stop the car and talk.

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