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The returns department is always an interesting place to work in as we tend to get a variety of things from customers. Whether it is a mouse that is from a different manufacturer, a complete DIY cabinet, a laptop, a sheet of blankets, a Nintendo Wii, or it is just nothing but a letter confirming our address to then return the item, we have gotten a lot of things. Usually, these items are either broken so we throw them out or they were shipped to us incorrectly so we return it to the sender. However, on one particular day, we received an item that really surprised us.

One day, one of our employees was working in the returns department. As the employee was processing the returns, he picked up an envelope and scanned the code. Seeing as the code went through the system, confirming that the item being returned was one of our products, the employee opened the package. However, what was inside the package was not one of our items. No, what the employee found instead was an Iphone. And not a broken Iphone but an Iphone that was in good working condition. This of course surprised the employee because he was not expecting the item in question. Immediately, he brought this up to his supervisor and of course the supervisor at first did not believe that we received an Iphone at first. However, the employee then showed his supervisor. Suffice to say, the supervisor was also not expecting that. Once both employees confirmed it was indeed an Iphone, this was brought to the attention of the main manager in charge of the warehouse. 

The manager then proceeded to try and look up the customer on their Iphone. However, after trying it, it looked like the phone seems to have been broken since it would not turn on properly. The manager seeing this, was about to just throw the phone away since it was pretty much not worth the time to mail it back to the customer, when another employee saw this and said that it wasn’t really broken. The employee then hooked it up to a computer and saw that there was some sort of system error. After about an hour of working to fix the problem, the employee was able to get the Iphone working again. Once we were able to fix the phone, we then reached out to the customer by finding their number within our system and we were able to return the phone.

Here at Linkstyle, we encourage our employees to do the right thing when they encounter something that may be amiss. We take pride in knowing that our employees will always do the right then when they see something that doesn’t belong to us. Our customers can rest easy that if they happened to have sent us the wrong item that they will get it returned to them all the time. 


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