There are those in life that says that failure is never the option, that failure means that there was a way for you to do better. I would have to disagree. Failure, while true, is bad, but it can also strengthen one’s self and help them improve for the future. Back when I was a college student, I worked in a dining hall for one of the dorm halls on campus. Since it was my first job in the service industry, you can say that I was nervous on my first day. I was introduced to my boss and given my first job working the buffet line. And of course, it had to be on the day when there was a big basketball game happening on campus. Well, as you can probably tell, that first day on the job was a rough one. I wasn’t able to keep up with orders, I would mess orders up (giving someone a different order), and I even dropped and broke a few plates and bowls. At the end of my shift, I thought that for sure all the failures I had that night was going to get me fired from the job. However, I was completely caught off guard when my manager told me to not worry about it, that it was a tough day for someone who just rted working in the dining hall, and that instead of focusing on my failures and having them weigh me down, that I should take those failures that happened and learn from them so that I can do better the next time around. 

His words hit me like a ton of bricks. I had always grown up, thinking that everything had to be perfect, that failure was never an option to even think about. I took his words to heart and when my next shift came around, I was able to learn from my mistakes and improve my performance at work. 

Failure shouldn’t be something that one must beat themselves up for but instead to take and learn from them. Through these failures, one learns what was wrong with what they were doing and learn and better themselves. At Linkstyle, we encourage our employees to learn from their failures and to not be burdened by them. While failures are inevitable due to us being human after all, it is how you take failure and learn from it is all the more important.. 


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