Dealing with delays ---120

Delays are a part of life. Everyone faces delays. 

Everyone gets dealt a bad hand once in a while. In my old company, our system went down for about 7 hours and we were getting inquiries from customers every single minute. It was hectic since we could not process any operations. We work in real time when we pick up phone calls, so what we had to do was to write down their information and execute the task later. What we do to overcome the delays is what’s important. 

There are some delays we can control and some delays we can’t. Delays may also happen with the projects we work on. We may have set unrealistic goals or the deadlines were too tight and didn’t take into consideration any obstacles or events that may impede the workflow. As such, projects could get delayed for weeks without preparation. 

No matter the case, the team’s goal is to always get the task on hand back on track. Delays are a part of life, it is wiser to work around them rather than avoid them completely. Our challenge is to overcome these delays and to continue providing the same great service that we always have. 

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