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What is the meaning of great service? It comes in a lot of ways but most of it depends on quality. We try our best to ensure that our customer is getting what they pay for. One of the most important values of a company is delivering great service is through safe and fast deliveries. However, we understand that accidents cannot be avoided 100% of the time. That is why we try our best to avoid this situation by undergoing a thorough quality check.

Damage control is a very extensive procedure. Anything can go wrong at any time. Not only do we have to check the quality of the packaging but also the quality of the item. Sometimes items are damaged or the seals happen to be broken. It’s easy to overlook these minor details because we are processing and handling thousands of items per day. However, it does not mean we are handling without consciousness. We inspect every item before we ship it to you. Yes, that’s right! We make sure your items are functionable for its intended purpose and we make sure that it’s quality is retained through our compact and efficient packaging. At Linkstyle, we take many things into consideration when handling your orders, but the most important thing we take into consideration is quality customer service. We try our best to provide that through safe and fast deliveries.

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