Customer Appreciation ---064


Focusing on a strategy is an important way to attract more customers. Customers are the building blocks of a good business. Without customers, we cannot sustain in this business. E-commerce is very centralized on customers and we should have more appreciation for customers. To understand a customer, it is important to know the customer experience.

Customer’s love browsing and shopping at a discounted price. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is walking through a mall just to look at deals. Some deals are good, some deals are bad, but most of the time, it is a refreshing experience to just observe the market. I have always wondered about car dealerships. Why do they exist? Why can’t I buy a car directly from the manufacturer?

They are utterly useless and a waste of time. I don’t see any point in car dealerships other than them creating an opportunity to scam you out of extra money. It turns out that car dealerships exist because it helps the customer make purchases. Even though some use sneaky tactics to get you to spend more, they are very helpful in picking out what you need. Without car dealerships, customer’s would be lost trying to find what they’re looking for. Unless you already know what you want, then you have an uphill battle trying to negotiate a price.

At Linkstyle, the connection is important, hence the term “LINK.” We want to connect the customers to a new world of products. 

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