Culture Drives Performance ---021

Company culture has a huge impact on the performance of employees. One example is the transformation of British Airway’s culture.

British Airways have come a long way from where they started. The founding of British Airways was established during a noncompetitive market. There was little motivation to change their services. In the beginning, British Airways had lackluster customer service and there was not a lot of recurring customers at the time. Due to the lack of motivation and interest, the attitude in the workplace was not at its peak. The leadership was lacking also. Due to this, the company was not as successful as it can be.

It wasn’t until John King stepped up as CEO that many issues were starting to be addressed. A fraction of the workforce had to be cut. New strategies had to be enacted. Education and proper training were given to staff members. This was necessary to boost productivity. One of the main focuses during the change was customer service

Their training program “Putting People First” began to transform the culture of British Airways. Colin Marshal, one of the former CEOs of British Airways, believed that it would have a huge impact on how the staff would handle their customers. Coming from his car salesman background, he had a lot to offer and teach to the new staff. All employees were expected to be put through this program. The main objectives of this were to overall set a new attitude in the workplace. Employees were taught how to deal with stress, build confidence in themselves, and overall become a better person. The program has been changed and refined over the years.

I believe that leadership is an important factor in changing the culture of a company. The attitude of a company lies in the employees themselves. British Airways figured out their weakness and employed key strategies into fixing their holes. The decision to change is hard to make, but it can be easily be done under the right leadership. With the right leadership and good company culture, customer expectations can be met easier.

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