Coronavirus ---087

The coronavirus is a looming worry for our health because it could be the start of something deadly like the Black Plague from the 14th century which wiped out 60 percent of Europe’s population. We don’t know the potential damages this virus can cause which is why we have to be extra cautious when we are out in public. 

One time I was in the gym and I heard someone coughing. It sounded like he was going to die. I knew I was going to get infected too since I used the last machine that he used. A few days later, I got the flu and I also infected my whole family. Everyone was sick but we still had to go to work because who is going to pay the bills? Anyways, a week went by, we all got better, but all our co-workers got sick. A virus can be underestimated because no one really cares. It’s rare to die from the flu and I haven’t witnessed a case where this happened. I guess it’s a problem now because the coronavirus is fatal and can actually lead to death if your immune system is not strong enough. Make sure you wash your hands, be wary of what you touch, and keep a face mask handy just in case you are in a crowded public space. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

We want to address this issue since we care about the world and also it is important to our business. Global concerns are important to us since it affects our customers. How can we have a business if we have no customers?!  Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe out there!

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