Conversation with a Valued Customer ---027

In order to understand a customer, it is better to put yourself in their shoes when trying to solve their problem. Not every problem can be solved with a simple answer. I want to share a story of what you can learn from an experience with a customer.

CX:  Hi I just purchased your dog collar w/ clip and leash and it killed my dog. He somehow choked and died from how tight it is.

CX: Will you pay for my dog? Or will I have to call the police?

CSR: Hello ma’am, we are sorry to hear the news. That is an unfortunate accident. Can you tell us which collar you bought so we can inspect it?

CX: I don’t want your reasoning on why my dog died I already told you what happened.

No matter the situation, we will always treat our customers with care, even in times of thick-headedness, At this point, it is best to get all the information before jumping to a conclusion.

CSR: We will try our best to help you. Can you give me the item number at least so we can prevent future problems from happening?

CX: The item number is 3081205341. Please bring my dog back to life.

CSR: We are deeply sorry for what happened. How about we refund you and you can go to the dog cloning lab to bring your dog back? Make sure his cells are fresh so the scientists can extract it without any difficulties. After cloning, your dog will come back to life but as a different and younger puppy.

CX: Hmm, that sounds like a reasonable way to handle my problem. I get my money back and I get a younger dog.

In order to provide good service, it is important to study and learn from life experiences and past customer experiences. It is hard to provide solutions for the customer if we are not keeping up with current events. The most important thing is learning from the customer. What makes the customer happy? What answers do we give that puts the customer in a bad mood? Sometimes it is not always about giving the correct answer, but it is about being a good audience in order to understand how the customer feels. Here at Linkstyle, we try to put ourselves in the customer's’ position so that we can better understand what’s going on, and as a result, every customer is unique. We treat every case differently.

CSR: Yup, so we can refund your money, and we can also refer you to the lab for an appointment! Thank you for shopping with us! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. And one last question, how would you rate our service?

CX: Your service is excellent, I didn’t expect a good answer anyways but you gave me something to do which makes me happy so I hope you have a good day.

CSR: Thank you for calling us, have a great weekend and don’t forget, we are having a 50% discount on dog items for this year’s dog festival.

Another thing we learned from our customers is to be aggressive in marketing, Don’t be afraid to offer the customer items, during the right time and situation. This is what we aim to do at LinkStyle. We want to link you to the latest styles as soon as possible so you will never miss out on whats brand new.

Disclaimer: Not a true story but it was inspired by real events, just like all your favorite horror movies.


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