Convenience of Mobile Shopping ---041

The holiday shopping season is over and from what we learned, many of last year’s customers have switched to mobile payment. This form of transaction is called mobile commerce. Over the past few years, the proportion of mobile commerce to e-commerce sales have been rising slowly. In 2018, about 40% of e-commerce sales are made from mobile phone payments.

One of the main benefits of shopping on your phone is the accessibility and convenience. For example, if you have an urge to buy an item, you may write it down and buy it later when you have access to a computer. However, if you choose to shop on your phone, you can search the item in a second and make the purchase. Mobile shopping can be done anywhere and that is one of the main reasons why consumers are switching over.

Here at Linkstyle, we want to provide you with the same type of convenience. Our site is mobile-friendly and optimized for your shopping experience!

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