Controlling your emotions ---124

There will be days where we let our emotions get to us. Sometimes, we are in the moment and we have no idea what really happened until it finally happened. This usually happens when someone has a change in their emotions that affects their mindset to a point where they begin to affect others with that emotion, causing some friction within the group. Now, the key is how to deal with something like this when it happens. You can either deal with it by either trying to ignore the person or you would have to confront the person and have to have a  one-on-one with them so that you can sort it out and fix it so that it does not affect the office dimension. Being able to deal with someone acting on their emotions is key so that there are less issues in the office. Today, I am going to talk about one time where I had to deal with a coworker who had a problem with dealing with his emotions and how I was able to fix it so that it didn’t affect the work flow of the office. 

This was a few years ago. At my previous job working for a small company, we had about five employees working in the office. I was the one in charge of the office space as a whole. Meaning, I was in charge of the office supplies, making sure the other employees arrived on time and making sure that everyone was on their toes and not messing around at work and that the atmosphere at the office was good. For the first 4 months, I have to say that it was going good. Everyone was doing their tasks, there was no tension between each other, everything was going well. Then one day, I was working at my desk when I heard a commotion in one of the meeting rooms. I walked out and saw two employees talking about something. As I got closer, I began to hear more of the conversation and it looked like it was getting a bit heated. I entered the meeting room and saw them arguing. I got their attention and then asked them what seemed to be the problem. One of the employees told me that the other employee got mad at her because the other employee thinks she did not do a very good job on a report that was due this week. The other employee countered this by saying that she wasn’t doing much work and was only giving him her bare minimum. This led to another tirade and I had to put an end to it by taking them into my office.

As we entered my office, I sat them down and asked them clearly what really happened. As they both explained it to me, I was able to finally piece together what was really going on. As it turned out, when I later reviewed the report the female employee submitted, it wasn’t that she didn’t give it her all in her work but in fact she did but the male worker that was her manager didn’t feel like she had put in her all. After hearing both sides, I asked to speak with the manager alone and excused the female worker. Once she left, I talked to the manager and pointed out that she did put in her all and was asking why he feels that she hasn’t put in her all. The manager has stated that her work this time was not similar to her work from last time. I, however, pointed out that her work was on par or even improved a bit from before. It was here that I began to notice the real reason why he was saying these things. It was becoming clear to me that he had let his emotions as well as his pride get ahold of him and that it had affected his judgement. I pointed this out to him and saw first hand how he let his emotions get the better of him. I thankfully was able to stop him and reminded him who was in charge. Now I had to deal with this fast or else this could spiral out of control and the rest of the office would get affected by this. So, I told him that he would either have to control his emotions or that I will have to bring in management and they will not be too nice to him as compared to me. That got his attention and he finally understood. Since then, he never let his emotions get to him and over time I believe that he understood to not let his emotions get to him and improved himself after that. 


At the end of the day, being able to control your emotions will benefit you in the office as it will not make you like someone who would react irrationally and will not make others look at you negatively. It also helps you understand that while others may not meet your expectations, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t trying their best on the work. If you feel stressed or feel like a coworker is not doing enough, just talk to them and get a feeling on what is going on. Or if you are that someone who has a tendency to lose control of their emotions then just take a deep breath and collect yourself. Always keep calm and remember that everyone is doing their best at their job. 

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