Consulting Services ---034

Have you ever had trouble looking for an item? Or you don’t know where to start? Many e-commerce businesses now have consulting services that help you look for the item you need. Real-time predictive applications are being built and optimized every day to suit the customer’s needs. These applications use data based on the customer’s browser history and also past purchase history.

One example of a predictive personal shopping assistant is The North Face’s Watson. The customer can input their travel plans and accommodations, and Watson will take into account what items may be suitable for the travel destination. It will also take note of the weather and recommend customers the suitable attire for that location.  

This method of searching provides more depth than simply matching items to keywords. Customers may be able to find items that match their needs much better than a search engine that isn’t optimized for the customer’s interest. Even if this service increases the cost, it can also help reduce the return rate because the customer already got what they need.

However, consulting services do not always have to be automated. If you ever need help with finding an item, you can contact us and we will do our best to provide a recommendation for you!

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