Connecting to the Bluetooth ---007

For now, Bluetooth devices are widely used. In the application of wearable devices, Bluetooth 4.0 has already reached a convenient life for users, such as using smartwatches and devices to understand their physical condition. Through, child cameras and pet-wearing devices, you can further search for children, pets or even elderly people via location or be seen visually on your phone and computer. When pets are nowhere to be found, they can be found through signal detection, and even publish from an application.

In smart home appliance, Bluetooth can also be paired with home refrigerators, washing machines, coffee makers, cookers, air conditioners, LED lights, and WiFi connections to achieve a “wireless” and “convenient” vision that users can use. Even with older appliances can be connected via Bluetooth with smart plugs bringing anything to a more convenient lifestyle. A time-sensitive coffee machine prepared the night previously can be synchronized with the alarm clock as it rings in the morning providing a morning coffee as you get ready saving time and effort.

In the car, through Bluetooth 4.2, smartphones, watches and car computer chip pairing, can directly open the doors, lights, car navigation, car audio and other devices. With the secure networking feature, you can lock the car when you enter the office and find that you forgot to lock the door.

Bluetooth 4.0 / 4.2 is already a very good tool for the Internet of Things (IoT). Users can use Bluetooth products with secure networking to enable home appliances. Like in winter, they can be turned on before they go home. Voice-activated methods can be used to turn on the washer to do laundry. Once you get home, you can hang up your clothes to dry. Bluetooth 4.0 / 4.2 seems to have reached the demand and became the standard for smart living. When it comes to this, we can't help but ask, why do we need new iterations of Bluetooth?

Bluetooth 5.0 implements many forms of optimizations for the Internet of Things and strives to provide smart home services with lower power consumption and higher performance. Once the accurate location is in relation to altitude becomes possible, smart homes will be that much more useful in assisting as technical support, spawning a variety of new smart home functions because your device can learn about the owner's indoor location via Bluetooth. It will definitely give birth to many new ways for the smart home to develop. For example, when you walk from the bedroom to the living room, your bedroom lights will automatically close, televisions, curtains, and stereos will automatically enter the standby state. As long as you have voice control, they can quickly switch to the entertainment video mode scene.

The main features of Bluetooth 5.0 are introduced:

  • Faster transmission speed
The new version of the Bluetooth transmission speed limit of 2Mbps is double the previous 4.2 LE version.

  • Farther effective distance
Another important improvement of Bluetooth 5.0 is that its effective distance is 4 times that of the previous version, so in theory, when you hold the phone standing 300 meters away from the Bluetooth speaker, it will still keep your music playing.
  • Navigation function
The technology can be used as an indoor navigation beacon or similar positioning device. Combined with a wireless network, indoor positioning with an accuracy of less than 1 meter can be achieved. You can use Bluetooth technology to find the car in the parking lot
  • Lower power consumption

As we all know, Bluetooth is an essential feature of smartphones. With more and more devices such as smart devices and mobile payments, Bluetooth needs to be turned on to enjoy convenient functions and gradually integrate into people's lives. Bluetooth power consumption becomes the standby of smartphones. A big killer of time. For this reason, Bluetooth 5.0 will greatly reduce the power consumption of Bluetooth, so that people no longer have to worry about the short standby time when using smart home services.

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