Connecting Bridge --- 143

Today, let’s talk about the slogan that is currently on our main page. That slogan is “A Bridge connecting you to different lifestyles and experiences”. Now, you may be wondering to yourself, “What is this bridge?” Well, the answer to that is scenario. What I mean by this is that we try to use scenario-based thinking or idea to be able to sell our items to you, our customer, so that you will get surprised with the “Wow” factor, which is that time where they realize that they could use one of our times in a way that they never thought they could before. An example of this happening that we will like to share with you all today is our Security Floodlight with Motion-Activated Camera. As a lot of people know, this item is used mainly under a roof or in the garage area. However, we discovered another scenario that these lights can be used for and that would be around the garden. That way, if say a squirrel or a cat happens to be walking by at night, the light will turn on and it will scare away said animals, thereby saving your plants and vegetables from being stolen or worse.

Here at Linkstyle, we believe that there are different needs for different scenarios for our customers. The products must have selling points that can be connected to the user’s needs, as well as achieve a sort of emotional resonance with consumers, and stimulates their desire to buy said item. This also helps establish a good interactive relationship with our customers and fosters consumer stickiness and loyalty to our store, which is what we will like to achieve with our customers. 

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