Conflicting Values ---031

One evening I received a call from one of my good friends. He works in the e-commerce business and he told me about one of his arguments he had with one of his customers on the line. He kept rambling on about a lady not understanding how a purse rack can also be a baseball cap rack. This is how it went:

CX: Hi, I just received my order this morning and I bought a baseball cap rack organizer! But the packaging says that the rack is only for purses. I WANT A HAT RACK! GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK.

CSR: Hello ma’am, we apologize if you are not satisfied with the item. Let me go check on what you ordered really quick so we can find a solution for u. Please hold for a few minutes

CX: Sure, but first let me tell you the story on why I bought this item. It was my son’s birthday and he’s a hat collector. He just turned 13 and we are taking him to every baseball game because he’s a big fan. So I ordered a hat rack for him. DO YOU THINK I ORDERED A PURSE RACK? DO YOU THINK HE WAS BORN A GIRL?

CSR: I’m sorry you feel that way. But according to the description, the purse rack can also hold baseball caps. Can you try it out to see if you like it?

CX: No I will not try it out, and I refuse to accept it because I ordered a hat rack and not a purse rack.

In this situation, it might be wrong to argue with the customer. We have learned that it is better to make the customer happy instead of giving a correct answer. Despite having conflicting values with the customer, it is our priority to ensure customer satisfaction. Here at LinkStyle, we try to put ourselves in the customer’s position so that we can better understand whats going on, and as a result, every customer is unique. We treat every case differently. We want to retain our customers and build trust instead of pushing them away.

CSR: Ok ma’am I understand. You ordered a hat rack but you received a purse rack. We are sorry for the misunderstanding. We will refund you right away and we hope we did not cause you any trouble. If you have any problems regarding your purchase with us in the future, please contact us again!

CX: Thank you.. I will make sure to buy from you again.

CSR: You’re welcome. Have a good day!

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