Recently, we have gotten quite a few emails and messages regarding concerns over our business and the effects of COVID 19. As always, we will do our best to be positive in these situations. We won’t hesitate to take a chance at any opportunities that are available. New business strategies are always being developed. 


We get a lot of calls asking if our business is open or if we are affected by COVID 19. Don’t worry, as long as we enforce the necessary safety precautions, we won’t have any problems fulfilling your orders. The process involves having a face mask on at all times and making sure everyone’s temperature is checked before they enter the building. With these precautions in place, we are confident that the business can run at 100% efficiency while keeping the safety of our workers uncompromised. 


This message is just to let you guys know that our service will still be available to you during this tough time. As always, take care, stay safe, and we wish you the best. 


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