Cameras and Sensors ---061

As you may know, the main problem with computer processing units is that the clock speeds have stopped increasing, due to the limitations of the chip design. Progression in this technology is very limited. However, other technologies such as cameras and sensors are being used more innovatively. One simple example is a video doorbell.

Coupled with an HD camera and motion sensor, the doorbell allows visitors to be monitored visually and audibly. This concept can be applied commercially in grocery stores as well. Amazon Go, a chain or convenience stores created by e-commerce giant Amazon, is carefully monitoring and processing transactions without the use of human cashiers. The whole process is automated through cameras and sensors. The end result of this allows Amazon to limit labor costs, while also creating a smooth and fast shopping experience. In recent news, Walmart has also been playing around with AI cameras. Similar to Amazon, Walmart has developed a store is able to automate retail transactions, while also being able to detect miscellaneous problems such as out of stock shelves, accidents, and shopping carts.

Since this technology is just developing, more and more improvements are being made. An even more complex method of the camera/sensor application is self-driving cars. Self-driving cars have been around for a number of years however it has extremely limited use and can only be operated in certain locations. Despite that, the complexity of self-driving vehicles is becoming less and less. Sooner or later we might see an autonomous taxi service. Cameras and sensors are getting more innovative, as we find new ways to use them.

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