Brand Development --- 145

For every small business out there in the world today, the one thing that is important is brand building. If your brand is not good and if it does not catch the attention of the customer then your business will not do well when there are so many businesses doing the same thing today. For us here at Linkstyle, it is the same thing. We want to let our customers form a perception of a brand as an individual and not to lump their thinking of one brand onto others that are similar in nature. For example, we want customers to recognize us as the brand that helps them buy an item that gives them the “Wow!” factor to the item and separate us from their thinking that we are just your same old E-commerce store like the other ones in the market. Of course, this started really early for us as we wanted to be the store that was different from the others while at the same time, keep the same items and products that other stores sell but with our own little take on them. This is also why we take a much closer look into the research and development of the products that we sell in our store. We do this so that we can consolidate our current and see if there are areas where we can update or be required to take anything down and replace it with something new. We do this so that we can keep up with the most current trends and technology and so that our products are more up to date and to be able to compete with other stores too since they will also be doing their best to update their inventory as well. For example, our wireless charging pad with cooling fan. We take a look at the Qi technology that we currently have and test out the charging speed, the output, and the power in which the charger is outputting. From here, we research into what are the issues and what are the benefits and then develop ways to see if we can improve on it and then update our store with the new item to replace the old. We do this so that we can give you the customer the best experience when going through our store. 

Here at Linkstyle, we do our best to make sure that we research and develop new items so that we can make sure that we can meet your expectations as our customer and at the same time, build our brand to be something that is different from the other stores. Our goal is to develop a brand that is unique and appealing to our customers as well as to make our brand be that our items are of the best quality and give our customer that “Wow!” factor. 

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