Attitude makes a difference ---132

As an online brand seller, we realize that everything can be found easily online. We know that everyone can easily find something good or bad about any store, the brand they are, and their reputation from others. Because of this, more and more e-stores are investing a good sum of money in developing their customer service in order to integrate it into their marketing strategies.

Here at Linkstyle, as we have mentioned before, we are a startup and so we don’t really have much money to invest into customer service management, or CRM. The best that we can do however is to always train our customer service reps, that when they communicate with our customers, that is not them replying as themselves but instead they are responding and representing our brand. It is this first impression that allows our customer to look at us in a different light as we don’t have a time machine to go back and fix the past mistakes we made. For example, if a customer received a defective item from us and at first they may feel disappointed or angry but what we can do is turn that around with provide our best attitude to them and thus help resolve the issue with the customer feeling satisfied. And that is what our customer service is always about.

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