Are shortcuts the fastest way to success? ---065

Can you commute without a car? In some cities, commuting with a car is a big hassle. Buses are also a hassle because there are too many people sitting around at bus stops. Some of them aren’t even riding the bus, they are just there to beg for money or camp. I also feel that it is not fair how people can ride on the bus for free with an expired ticket. The opportunity to do that myself is very tempting, but it is guilty coming out of a free bus ride. Wouldn’t you rather run 10 miles to work instead of driving 10 miles in traffic?

One time I was driving down the highway and all of a sudden there was an accident up ahead. It’s really annoying because people always slow down and look at the accident. I find it ridiculous! Just keep driving, I’m late for work! I thought about it for days, and I figured out that running is the best way to get to work. Let’s say work is 20 miles away, and you want to avoid traffic. Why take a car when you can run or bike instead? And as a result, I woke up two hours early and ran to work. There was no cars blocking intersections, and there was no accidents blocking roads. It was a great morning!

On top of that, I got my daily exercise done. Try it one day and tell us how it is! Even if your work commute is 40 mins away, try walking. Wake up 5 hours early and just do it. It will cleanse your body and it will be a spiritual journey you won’t forget.

For my next mission, I will be running from California to Nevada so I can save gas for my gambling trip. Wish me luck everyone. At Linkstyle, it is not about taking shortcuts, it is about enjoying the experience and going at your own pace. The products we sell to accompany you on this journey is what makes your experience unforgettable. 

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