Benefit of Annual Meeting --- 138

Like every business, it is that time of year where all of our employees come together and have an annual meeting. Now, for many of you, you are probably asking what is an annual meeting and what do you present? Well, annual meetings are important for a variety of reasons. One, we take stock on what has been done in our company over the past year. We take notes and remember what we did good and what we did wrong and every year, we will take all that info and put it in a powerpoint so that we can present what we have found and what we have learned from these experiences. A lot of things can change in just over a year, especially during the year 2020. Of course, these meetings could go on for a while but as a small company, these meetings are important. Not only do we learn from what we did over the year, but also it allows our employees to show what they can achieve and what they can see that needs to be improved in the company. As a small business, we have to keep up with changes in demand as well as changes in current trends. Since our employees know the situation, they can better report on it and let the company know as a whole as to what to change to meet these changing demands. Another thing that we can learn from having annual meetings, is also sharing ways to help our company grow. While each employee has to deal with different scenarios, it is also a good time to see if other employees can also provide solutions. This way the team can work together in solving an issue while at the same time also showing how they could solve the issue and thus, lead to more teamwork and improvement. 

As we continue to move forward in this new year, we at Linkstyle will have more challenges in the future. With these annual meetings, we will be able to handle these new challenges and all of our employees can also express themselves better and can also help each other in tackling these new challenges. 

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