One of the hardest challenges of running a business is learning how to scale up. If the business is doing good, consequently there will be more work. For most sellers, you would want to open another channel on another marketplace, or maybe you would want to expand to another country. Scaling up is a challenge because you would need to venture into new territories. Will the project be successful? How will you gauge your performance in another country? Can you carry over your strategies and achieve the same performance? 

I believe that a company should always try to expand their business. Taking chances and exploring new ideas can ultimately help a business grow bigger. There are times when we fail, but it is important to never give up and to keep trying new ways of marketing. 

One thing that should remain consistent is the quality of service. Despite price changes, geographical expansions, or rebranding, the service should always remain the same. Excellent service will attract customers, and everyone likes excellent customer service. For us personally, we aim to focus on improving our customer service, especially during this hard time. Customers are more uncertain about the future than ever, and providing service that exceeds expectations will hopefully build more trust in our relationships. 

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