A new Season and new Horizons --- 144

It is now the beginning of spring. During this time, we begin to take stock of the winter and as well as do some spring cleaning so that we can start the new season with a fresh start. That is the same with small businesses like us. During the opening days of spring, we take notice of what has transpired during the winter and come together for a company meeting to discuss everyone’s findings. This is a good way for us as a company to be able to learn what everyone was able to do, what challenges that they encountered, and what future plans that we can implement for our company. We also take this time to look through our inventory and see which items are doing good and which items are doing bad. From there, we then begin to see which items we wish to continue to sell and which items we will need to stop selling. We do this so that we can make sure that the items that you, our customer, are of the best quality and that you will be able to achieve that “Wow!” factor from the item. It will also help us see which items are no longer in stock and help us in determining whether or not we are going to restock the item or not.

So, for this spring, while many others are focused on cleaning their homes, we here at Linkstyle are also cleaning up and making sure that going into the rest of 2021, we can give you, our valued customers, the best experience possible and to make sure that you always leave satisfied. 

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