A Look Through Another World ---018

Most of us have heard of augmented reality. It has been around for decades, but no one has ever found a platform for commercial and consumer use. It was always considered a distant technology that we thought of in the back of our heads. The budget, along with the time and effort that goes towards developing AR technology is extraordinarily high compared to other technologies. As a result, the technology was left in the dark. Despite development still taking place, only a few consumers were aware of the potential that AR has.

One of the more recent products of augmented reality is Pokemon GO. It wasn’t until then that the consumer interest for augmented reality apps and games increased. Mass adoption started taking place and businesses are rapidly trying to implement or create AR technology.

Social media sites such as Snapchat and Facebook are also finding new ways to integrate AR into their platforms. Recently, Facebook has launched AR games for Messenger, allowing more ways for users to socialize.

I believe the capitalization on upcoming technology can help a business push further into success. The introduction of new products can help build trust with customers. A business that is not introducing new tech can be left behind. Here at LinkStyle, we try our best to provide the highest quality products at the best price, while ensuring the item you are getting is not out of date.

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