$500 Loan to a Multi-Billion Transnational Company ---024

Founded in 1923, Disney was only a small company, but that soon changed quickly when Dennis Hightower was hired in 1987. It wasn’t until then that the company started to rapidly grow and form a stronger connection. When we think of Disney, we think of their theme parks, merchandise, and most famously, their cartoons. But most of us didn’t stop to think how Disney became a giant in the entertainment industry.

In 1992, Disney decided to establish the EU headquarters in Paris to reinforce their company. Dennis Hightower was hired to be the manager for Paris. He has proven to be the man for the job. However, the trouble he has to face is that he will have to win the acceptance from his unyielding colleagues. The employees were adamant in not changing their strategies. I believe that Dennis’ approach to dealing with this situation is very brave. It is hard to change the minds of a company that is already well-established. Even after facing these odds, he still tries to overcome the situation with his own solutions.

At this point, Dennis has to find a way to unify the European managers. In order to do this, he has to restructure the whole company. For example, in one instance, he gave his assistants the training and experience to make decisions for him while he was unavailable. Of course, these decisions are the vision of the company. As a result, the company was running much more efficiently. He also worked closer with the merchandising business. Being a B2B business, improving relations with business partners was crucial to success. For Dennis, the most difficult part of managing a multinational organization may be communication. The challenge would be the language barriers, translations, and keeping all the operations from different countries in sync. Communication is very important in keeping everything stable.

If we were in the position of Dennis, it is unlikely that our decisions would be any different. Seeing as how Dennis overcame the challenges of changing an established company, it is safe to say that his decisions are correct and in the right direction.

Even though Linkstyle is still a growing business, we understand that we should not be afraid of change. Change can be good or bad, but we should not worry about the consequences. As long as we have the right vision, we can keep moving forward and provide our customers with upholding service. Thank you for your support!

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