2020 Current Events and Guidance ---103

Many people are discussing the events surrounding George Floyd.

As you may know, many brick and mortar stores are being looted and ransacked around the country. Going outside in 2020 is a lot different than before. You can catch the virus, you can get shot by police, you can be a victim of protest violence, the list goes on. With the curfews in effect, it’s best to just stay home and avoid all the drama that is happening in the world. 

This leads to the question, what is our value to society in ecommerce? Since shopping online is contactless, you don’t have to risk getting the virus through human interaction. Shopping online is also much safer since you won’t be exposed to the riots. I think ecommerce plays an important role, allowing you to shop online without needlessly risking yourself to disease or violence. 

We at Linkstyle encourage you all to stay home and shop online, let’s keep fighting for peace and justice..


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