Step-by-Step Towards Success ---113

One philosophy that I always overlook is that everything you do matters. Every small decision you make ultimately leads you to an outcome. Back in my college days, I didn’t have a plan and ultimately ended up with an art degree after taking so many computer science courses. At first, I wanted to learn programming when I was a freshman, but the courses became so hard, I dropped out to paint and sculpt cartoons. I find painting and sculpting to be relaxing and peaceful. Is it possible to make a career out of this? Maybe. A wise man once said, “The future is always uncertain. You can only make it less certain.” This was when I realized, everything that you put your time into has to be purposeful. Do what makes you happy. The reason for starting a new project or endeavor has to have meaning. Everything you do matters, whether it be doing your laundry, picking fruit off a tree, or forgetting to turn off the stove, every small bit has an impact on your life which consequently. 

At Linkstyle, we value progress. When we embark on a new project, we want the purpose to be fulfilling. Sure, we don’t always hit the bullseye on every project, but if the objective is certain, any progress towards that is an achievement. 


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