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We get many calls throughout the day, but one of the more common demographics that have issues are the elderly people. Shopping online is arguably more popular than shopping from brick and mortar stores. However, some old generation people are not used to shopping online. In fact, some people still use 100% cash and barely know what a credit card is! Shopping online can be a big hurdle for the elderly. There are many steps to getting an item purchased online. First, you may have to sign up and register with your email address. I heard of one customer who doesn’t even know their email address.  That’s very surprising to hear. Anyways, getting the correct shipping info and payment method is also hard. There are just too many steps to getting a purchase online. Regardless, we are always welcome to help our customers by getting their order correct. 

I remember when an elderly lady contacted us. She had trouble setting up her wireless security camera. It’s actually pretty simple but it might be hard for some people who are not tech-savvy because you will need some knowledge about your phone and your WiFi information. Basically, you scan a QR code to download an app, then you follow the instructions inside the app to connect the camera to your WiFi. I spent 1.5 hours helping this lady set it up, it was difficult trying to explain some terms to her because she didn’t bother to learn it, despite living in the age of great technology. Nevertheless, we always put in the effort to help our customers, no matter what the problem is, and no matter who it is.

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